"Helping Organizations Achieve Excellence Through the Enhanced Performance of their People"
Who is Edmunds Group?

EGI are professionals who specialize in the field of Organizational and Leadership Development.

Performance Focused - We deliver measurable outcomes that support business goals, increase productivity for greater ROI, and enhance employee engagement.

Service Focused - We demonstrate commitment through our credibility, content expertise and quality.

Client Focused - We listen with unbiased attention and provide customized solutions.

How the Edmunds Group does it?

At EGI, developing organizations and leaders are ongoing processes that require customized approaches to meet the specific needs of each our clients. We do not sell products, nor do we believe in quick fixes or one-size-fits-all solutions.

What are the edmunds group values?

INSPIRE - This is not just part of our tagline, but it stands for what we value:

Integrity: the congruence of our actions, words, and behaviors as expressed through honesty, openness and regard for confidences.
N*sight: the capability to look beyond the obvious to uncover the uniqueness of individuals and organizations.
Service: the demonstration of our commitment to our work through standards of excellence, content expertise, consistent quality, and ultimate respect for our clients.
Passion: the expression of gratitude, celebration, and inspiration for the potential in each individual.
Impact: the results we achieve as we encourage ourselves and others towards growth and change.
Relationships: the mindfulness that the bonds we build with our clients facilitate their development and meet their unique needs.
Energy: the willingness to give our unbiased attention and focused effort to the growth of our clients and ourselves.


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About Becky Edmunds

Becky Edmunds

Becky Edmunds - Principal

Becky Edmunds is the President and Founder of The Edmunds Group. Becky has over 20 years experience in providing organizational development services to diverse organizations.

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