Leadership Development

The Edmunds Group has extensive experience in building integrated and systemic leadership development programs designed to solidify leadership effectiveness at all levels. By understanding your business, culture and goals, we are able to identify gaps where we can focus our expertise on the development of leaders who will help you achieve your business goals.

We believe that leaders can and must be developed at all levels to ensure an organization’s success. Our expertise in all aspects of talent development, coupled with our understanding of the organization’s goals, results in the creation of a customized and dynamic approach to enhancing leadership capacity.

Our trademark program, Living Leadership®  is a comprehensive leadership development experience that is designed to ignite and dramatically increase leadership capacity, behaviors, and commitment of individuals.
Areas of focus for the Living Leadership®  program include:

  • Emotional Intelligence and Self Awareness
  • Change Management and Employee Resilience
  • Management and Leadership Fundamentals
  • Matrix Management
  • Systemic and Strategic Thinking
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Talent Management


Living Leadership®  uses a combination of assessment and development tools such as 360° feedback, personality assessments and executive coaching to assess the gaps and increase self awareness in your key leaders.

For each organization, we develop a customized curriculum that is rigorous, experiential and business–focused, and results in building solid leadership philosophies and behaviors throughout the organization.

The Edmunds Group believes in developing outstanding leaders that contribute to the creation of high performance cultures and, ultimately, successful businesses.

After a rigorous selection process, The Edmunds Group was chosen to provide in depth analysis and coaching for the regional management team of a leading Southeastern financial services company. The initial engagement was so successful and well received, the assignment was expanded to include other high performing, high potential individuals. In addition, The Edmunds Group was engaged to provided on-going executive coaching to several key members of the management team.

In preparation for the engagement The Edmunds Group developed a keen understanding of the organization and the cultural drivers. This knowledge was used to identify key competencies upon which to build. In addition, areas for additional development work were identified and action plans established. The deep understanding of the organization and the individuals within the the team enabled to Edmunds Group to make this project far more beneficial than ever anticipated. Our expectations we exceeded time and time again.

Without question the work done with The Edmunds Group prepared this team to successfully navigate through the financial challenges of the last few years.

- leading Southeastern Financial Services Company, Executive Vice President

Having been recently promoted to Regional President of a southern bank, I was given the opportunity to engage in an executive coaching relationship with The Edmunds Group.  In a word, my experience was outstanding! The sessions provided powerful insight into my strengths and weaknesses, and allowed me the opportunity to identify where I needed to elevate my management style to become the most effective I could be in my new position.  It also allowed me to relate to and better utilize the different aspects of my personality.

The executive coaching experience facilitated the leap toward becoming a more motivated individual, effective manager and a leader of people.  I would highly recommend this experience to anyone wanting to improve their management skills and increase their confidence.

The Edmunds Group staff is truly professional, and it was a pleasure to work with them.

- Regional President, Aliant Bank