Succession Planning


  • Define leadership competencies 
  • Identify critical positions
  • Train managers
  • Discuss employee career preferences


  • Complete 360° assessment
  • Conduct management panel discussion
  • Evaluate potential
  • Evaluate readiness


  • Identify developmental activities and developmental assignments
  • Create Individual Development Plan (IDP)
  • Provide coaching
  • Offer mentoring


  • Promote into successor position
  • Participate in developmental assignments
  • Complete a cross-functional rotational assignment
  • Complete a cross-company rotational assignment


  • Conduct Leadership Team quarterly review
  • Support execution of IDP
  • Utilize metrics and measurements

Participating in executive coaching with The Edmunds Group has been a great experience for me personally and professionally.  I learned so much about myself and how to be a better leader.  My coach helped me develop more effective interaction skills, build a stronger team, identify ways to be more collaborative and think through many complex business issues.  It was great to have someone with whom to discuss sensitive issues and brainstorm creative solutions.  In today's stressful and demanding world, I would strongly encourage any leader to participate in coaching. 

- Vice President, Retail Operations, Consumer Packaged Goods Organization

The Edmunds Group has worked diligently with us to build a high performing culture and to deepen our leadership capability. Initially, Becky and her team assisted us in defining the leadership competencies that would unite us around a common platform and vision to develop leaders at all levels of the organization. The Edmunds Group developed the 360 assessment tool and comprehensive training programs to instill new behaviors to achieve our business objectives. This work has become integral to our performance management and talent development processes.

In addition, Becky has been very instrumental in helping the senior leadership team gain individual insight, build stronger relationships and align around our vision. The assessment, executive coaching, and team facilitation that she and her team have provided has resulted in greater cohesion and collaboration. I highly recommend the services of The Edmunds Group and am delighted that we have partnered with them over the past several years to build our leadership and organizational capabilities.

- A Fortune 350 Chairman and CEO