Workforce Planning

Business Strategy

  • Review and ensure thorough understanding of current and future business strategy
  • Identify annual staffing needs by function for each year of the long-range strategic plan

Future Skills & Competencies

  • Define skills and competencies needed to support long-range strategic plan
  • Evaluate current skills and competencies against future needs and determine what becomes obsolete and what skills and compentencies will be required

Workforce Assessment

Assess the current workforce to identify:

  • Skills and competencies
  • Demographics
  • Mobility
  • Potential

Gap Analysis

Compare future workforce needs to current workforce assessment to determine:

  • Gaps in skills and competencies
  • Redundancies
  • Recruitment needs
  • Opportunities for redeployment

Action Plan

  • Create tactics and strategies to address identified gaps (e.g. Strategic Staffing Plan, Outsourcing, Redeployment Strategy)

Having been recently promoted to Regional President of a southern bank, I was given the opportunity to engage in an executive coaching relationship with The Edmunds Group.  In a word, my experience was outstanding! The sessions provided powerful insight into my strengths and weaknesses, and allowed me the opportunity to identify where I needed to elevate my management style to become the most effective I could be in my new position.  It also allowed me to relate to and better utilize the different aspects of my personality.

The executive coaching experience facilitated the leap toward becoming a more motivated individual, effective manager and a leader of people.  I would highly recommend this experience to anyone wanting to improve their management skills and increase their confidence.

The Edmunds Group staff is truly professional, and it was a pleasure to work with them.

- Regional President, Aliant Bank

Our experience in partnering with The Edmunds Group has been exceptional.  They have offered expertise in all aspects of Organizational Development and Talent Management - Performance Management, Succession Planning, Cultural Assessment and Team Development.  As a growing organization, Allegacy is at a point where we must focus on developing the talent of the future.  It is great to have a partner who strives to understand the uniqueness of our culture and who excels in customizing their work to meet our needs.

- CEO, Federal Credit Union